We have been qualified for WAB acceleration platform

Our management and reporting platform dedicated to the Venture Capital and P/E industry has been qualified for the WAB acceleration platform. We are among startups in appreciated by PARP program. It is a 6-month acceleration program, under which we will develop a scalable business model for the European VC market.

Our business concept was appreciated by WAB acceleration platform so we are launching new company dedicated for scaling up our business model and extending our business activities to EU countries.


Proven business model and clear expansion strategy

Throughout Idealist platform qualification process we have managed to demonstrate a business model already proven in servicing our VC funds and their startup companies operating under Genprox brand. We have also demonstrated our expansion strategy to other European markets.

FundEquate.com platform address problems of Investors, Funds and Startups at their level in overall VC ecosystem from capital calls to ongoing portfolio companies management process. The platform covers already the following features:

  • All companies Captables in one place available at fund manager’s fingertips
  • Single version of truth for all participants in the process (investors, funds, startups)
  • Real-time portfolio company data entered by Startups and validated by Fund managers
  • Comprehensive and integrated financial reporting for all Investors in way controlled by Fund
  • Performance track, version control and tight budget control over Startup budget and Analytics available for Fund managers and Investors




Schedule a life demo of FundEquate

If you need a life demo or have any questions about our platform, don’t hesitate to let us know. We will contact you within next 24 hours. Please fill in below form:

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