We have launched Fundequate platform for VC/PE funds

Based on our leader position in proving accounting, reporting and valuations services to VC industry, we have designed and built an unique platform called FundEquate.
This is a reporting and communication platform that links Investors, Funds and Startups addressing burden of Excel-based reporting, managing the fund portfolio and tracking Cap tables of fund investments.

We are already the leading provider of  comprehensive accounting,  financial reporting and valuations services for VC funds. Being actively engaged in VC industry we have diagnosed a lack of reporting and communication platform dedicated to Investors, Business Angels, VC Fund Managers and Startup Founders.   


Solution for VC ecosystem

FundEquate.com platform address problems of Investors, Funds and Startups at their level in overall VC ecosystem from capital calls to ongoing portfolio companies management process. The platform covers already the following features:

  • All companies Captables in one place available at fund manager’s fingertips
  • Single version of truth for all participants in the process (investors, funds, startups)
  • Real-time portfolio company data entered by Startups and validated by Fund managers
  • Comprehensive and integrated financial reporting for all Investors in way controlled by Fund
  • Performance track, version control and tight budget control over Startup budget and Analytics available for Fund managers and Investors

Key features for Investors

The investor has an insight into the financial situation and capital structure of his funds and the portfolio companies in which the funds have invested. The investor can easily customise views and reports in the platform. There are following sections available to Investor:

  • Investor’s Dashboard – presents a synthetic position of the investor, i.e. the funds invested, recent transactions, number of transactions, value of revenues, net result, EBITDA and cash levels in the companies.
  • Investor Portfolio – presents investments in two sections – by fund and by portfolio company, together with a range of information about the investment itself and an option to search for a specific investment.

Key features for Fund Managers

The Fund Manager has an insight into the current financial situation of the Fund itself (Reporting, Capital, Transactions) and a full insight into the finances of the portfolio companies in which he has invested (Portfolio). The same applies to the Investor who is involved in the fund. Platform offers the following:

  • Dashboard of the fund – presents the level of utilisation of the investment budget, number of investments and valuation of the investment portfolio together with key financial data of the fund, register data and profiles of the management team.
  • Fund reporting – an advanced module enabling the definition of any measurement in any dimension, which gives platform users the possibility to design complex financial and management reports.
  • Fund Portfolio – presentation of investments after portfolio companies with information about the series, number of shares, nominal and total value of investments with the possibility to go down to the notarial deed.
  • Capital structure of the fund – Cap Table with a breakdown into series and each of the investors in the fund.
  • Transactions of the fund – List of transactions (e.g. notarial deeds) affecting the capital structure of the fund.


Key features for Startup Founders

The Company’s Founder has an overview of the company’s overall profile, including a summary in the Dashboard, company reports available in the Reporting, capital structure and list of capital transactions.
An investor with an equity stake in a company (either directly or indirectly through the fund) has full insight into the financial position and capital structure of the portfolio company:

  • Company’s Dashboard – presents the company’s synthetic financial standing together with the capital structure graphs and the EBITDA trend. It also presents profiles of the founders with basic information about them.
  • Company Reporting – an advanced module enabling the definition of any measure in any dimension, which gives the platform users the possibility to design complex financial and management reports. All reports prepared by the company for the Fund and Investors are available here.
  • Company’s capital structure – Cap Table with a breakdown into series and each of the investors into a company.
  • Company transactions – List of transactions (notarial deeds) affecting the company’s capital structure.

Schedule a life demo of FundEquate

If you need a life demo or have any questions about our platform, don’t hesitate to let us know. We will contact you within next 24 hours. Please fill in below form:

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