Three-level VC management platform

for Investors, Funds and Startups. 

We are already the leading provider of accounting and financial reporting services for VC funds. Leveraging on our experience and competencies gained at Genprox, we have designed a unique reporting and communication platform that links Investors, Funds and Startups addressing burden of Excel-based reporting and managing the fund portfolio.

The platform supporting and structuring the process of information flow between Startups, VC Fund Managers and Investors.

Portfolio Company

Provide consistent reporting to your Shareholders. Manage and share your Cap Table with existing and potential Investors (track investment). Pitch for new funding and build relationships with VC funds and Business Angels. Portfolio management tool.

Fund Manager

Budget and monitor financial and fund performance of all portfolio companie (portfolio management). Keep control over Cap Tables and all KPIs available in one place. Build your relationships with Startups and rump-up your deal flow (vc metrics).

Investor & Business Angel

Stay in control over all your investments and access on-line each VC fund and direct investment details including Cap Tables, financial and operational performance (manage investor performance). Look for new investments in Startups Community or in VC Fund Market.

Our Expertise and experience in VC industry

Since we established Genprox and Fundequate we have achieved many key  milestones making us a leader in the VC fund industry in Poland.

% of PFR funds being serviced by us
bilion PLN capitalisation of our VC clients
satisfied clients
Finacial due diligence realised in 2020

Cap Tables on-line

The Fundequate platform enables Investors and VC Funds access on-line Capital Table of their portfolio companies with all types of investors, instrument classes and unit series (portfolio management tool). By including option plans and convertible loans, we provide all investors with clarity on the full dilution of their holding.

If you invest in multiple companies, you can easily move from one company to another with one click (portfolio performacne). In addition, investors can easily move around in Cap Tables of their portfolio companies, changing the date range and whether or not the capital was already registered with the Registration Court.

Portfolio management

Fundequate platform offers Investors, VC funds and Business Angels on-line access to their portfolio management tool with all details concerning the companies, i.e. investment value, sector concentration, valuation, in-depth review of all capital transactions for their portfolio companies. 

A unique feature of the reporting platform for VC is the ability to move from the general picture to detailed transactions. All delivered in user friendly light interface that makes in-depth analyses very easy.

Reporting Module

The unquestionable advantage of Fundequate platform for all Startups, VC funds and Investors is state of art reporting engine designed and created by Fundequate and Genprox teams. This reporting module enables users to use vast range of predefined reports or to design their own reports in very intuitive way.

Reporting module in Fundequate brings transparency of reporting by providing single version of true and by engaging all users of financial and non-financial information into reporting process.

Dashboards and KPIs

Fundequate gives single point of view to Investors and VC funds by offering adaptive Dashboards and sets of KPIs directly linked to underlying data. This allows Fundequate users to navigate from general level Dashboards and KPIs to granular data.

We provide clear and eye cathing metrics that let you say in control and be informed about key financial and non-financial performance measures (VC metrics, Startup metrics).

Budgeting and Performance tracking

There is dedicated module for budgeting process, track investment in Fundequate platform, so each portfolio company needs to provide budget for financial and non-financial measures. In next step its ongoing performance can be reviewed against this budget by Investors, VC funds and Business Angels. Fundequate platform provides intuitive workflow to manage both budget and monthly actuals submissions.

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