Capital Rise and AML Investor Platform

Onboard your investors and providing them with real-time access to capital rise platform, AML checks and a dedicated Investor panel.

Capital Rise and Investor Portal

Fundequate offers a personalized Investor Portal that allows your LPs to log in and monitor their investments. We provide you with their investment profile and AML onboarding checks required by AIFMD.


A trading platform for equity and debt that enables VCs and Startups to raise funds and Investors to allocate capital to Funds and Startups. Fundequate offers liquidity and an easy way to exit your investment.

  • Investors onboarding with AML classification
  • Paperless process for Debt an Equity issues
  • Share register integration for Capital issues
  • Investor Relation management platform
  • Capital management and administration

Platform for fund managers, investors and startups

  • VC investor reporting platform
  • VC portfolio management tools
  • VC dashboards, fund metrics and VC performance
  • Lps reporting portal
  • Communication with investors
  • Investment reports